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New Music from Danko Jones

It’s coming tomorrow.  The new album from Danko Jones, “Wild Cat.”   Danko’s music can only be compared to the moment after the coolest dude in a grungy bar looks you square in the eye and says, “let’s do this” with a vibe on his face that’s 50% dangerous and 50% mysterious.

What is “this”?  Is “this” good?   That’s all you’re thinking.

I don’t know, man.  Maybe?  But that’s not the point.  The point is the feeling.  Every second of a  Danko Jones songs make me anxious for the next second.   JC’s bassline slinks like a stalker on “Lovercall”.  The drum intro mixed with the bassline on “Caramel City” is enough to raise the hair on the back of your…everything. Every song drips with anticipation.

And that’s not to mention the lyrics.  

Put yourself back in that grungy bar from the first paragraph.  The 50/50 dangerous/mysterious dude says to you (not your friend, not the guy standing next to you…YOU), “I’m into never stopping, I’m making no sense.  But I can never sit still I keep on riding.”  What do you think next?

  1. Oh, shit!  Call security!  This guy is mental!
  2. Cool!  I need to form a GANG with this dude!
  3. Is that the lyrics to “We Sweat Blood” by Danko Jones?

I know the answer is #3….but #2 is a much more accurate feeling to describe how those lyrics make me feel.

I’m blocking off my afternoon to listen to the new record, then I’m headed out on the town with a “let’s form a gang” mentality.