The perverse economics of concert tickets

This is OLD. But in my opinion, still relevant. I HATE to say it…..I really do.

Dave Sawchuk

THIS IS AN OLD BLOG.  But it’s just as relevant today regarding the Tragically Hip as it was in 2013.  

Tickets to see Mumford and Sons in Edmonton went on sale Friday at 10:00 am. By 10:02 am they were sold out.  By 10:05 am dozens (or more) tickets showed up on craigslist/kijiji for as much as $500 a pair.  That’s about 3 and a half times the price they sold for.  Keep that figure in mind “three and a half times the price”

A brand new Ford Focus, right off the lot from sells for $17,649.  Check it out. does not sell Ford Focus’ for $5,045.00 (three and a half times less than the manufactures suggested price) because the market has determined that the value is higher.

Why can’t musicians figure this economic issue out?  They THINK they’re being righteous (and appearing non-capitalist) by selling their tickets at a…

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