Free Agent IN/OF/P: Dave Sawchuk

**Reliable IN/OF/P on the #YEG Slo-Pitch Free Agent Market**

Scouting Report

Dave Sawchuk is a strong defender with a good arm and high “Baseball IQ.”  In addition to being able to play every defensive position at a high level, he can also be counted on in a pinch to throw a few innings.  Don’t expect much on the hill though; just strikes and plenty of good-natured banter.

His real strength is consistency.  “Sawchuk is the kind of ball player that shows up every week with a 6-pack”, says former teammate Len Wangen.  “He’s just slow.  Really slow.  I mean, how is a guy that tall so slow?” added Wangen, unprompted.  While Sawchuk has never been clocked in the 40 yard dash, many top scouts think he’d be average with a tail wind.

His consistency isn’t limited to just showing up with libations.  Dave is a singles hitter from the right side with the ability to hit .500.  That is not a typo.  “He hits to all fields, albeit with the power of a 14 year-old”, says one former manager with ties to the free agent.  Think Wade Boggs, not Mike Trout.

Why you should sign him: he won’t throw behind the runner; but knows to hit behind one.  His “Good Times IQ” is also a strong point.  Dave Sawchuk isn’t a “Gary Go-Hard” or a “Sammy Serious” on the diamond or in the club house.

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2 responses to “Free Agent IN/OF/P: Dave Sawchuk

  1. He’s getting older… is the arm still good?

  2. Reblogged this on Dave Sawchuk.

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