Put down that Apple and eat a Viva Puff

I love vegetables .  I really do.  The problem is; grocery stores don’t.  They love canned chili, Oreo’s, anything packed with salt, meals individually portioned (then frozen) and everything else you and I both know we should eat only in moderation (or when we’re hung-over).  Oh sure, grocery stores love vegetables; so long as they aren’t fresh.  Let’s back up a bit.

Not too long ago,cashiers tallied up our groceries through at a till at grocery stores.  They would proficiently zip items across the laser scanner, and quickly weight and punch in the numbers to ring in fresh produce.  They would do this while making small talk, or snapping their gum.  How any human could memorize the 4 or 5 digit code to a store full of produce is beyond me; but they did it. And they wielded that knowledge like a champ.

Then things changed.

I hate to sound like an “old timer” here (really, I do) but the change was not for the better.  Now, grocery stores are 50% “do it yourself” check outs because they’re much more financially attractive than employing people (I’m guessing).  And if you DARE to shop between 4pm and 6pm, chances are, the line up to have a human do the work for you is outrageous.  So, because we’re lazy and want thing now, we go to the self-check-out.

The machines designed for you and I to ring up our own groceries are like the tools you would give to a child who’s father is a carpenter (if you follow).  They are consumer grade in as far as how quickly they work, and intuitive they are.  They are not the commercial grade machines used by cashiers.  And this is where the problem begins.

It takes much longer to weigh, punch in the code, and charge a bag of delicious tomatoes (that’s if the sticker with the code is on one of the tomatoes in your bag, or you have to look up the code, only after you remember what KIND of tomatoes you have.  Are they roma or hot house?) than it is to buy a can of ravioli packed with salt, MSG and a bunch of other terrible, yet delicious, ingredients.  I believe this extra time is discouraging people from buying fresh fruits and vegetables, and additionally, encouraging them to eat more processed foods.  We are a lazy lot us humans.

Now I realize it is not Jim Pattison’s job to “care” about me, my diet, or the amount of time I spend in one of his gazillion Save-On-Foods outlets in the greater Edmonton area.  But would it hurt him if he did?  The last thing Canadians need is an excuse to eat more bad food, and to avoid avocados.


One response to “Put down that Apple and eat a Viva Puff

  1. Well said Dave. Is technology making us dumber,lazy, and more unhealthy?

    Don’t answer. You already did.

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