Yoga Under Construction

Standing in the sweltering heat, I realize two things 1) I am the only man wearing a shirt in this room, and 2) You cannot escape the sound of construction in Alberta.

My 10 Day Bikram Yoga Challenge started yesterday t 9:30 am.  The studio is supposed to be a place of calm, silence and inner-peace.  There are many signs reminding you of this throughout the building.  This was not the case at all yesterday.  There were no less than 2 grown men (or 2 baby rhino’s, I’m not sure) on the roof directly above the studio hammering away on something so loudly, I honestly expected them to come crashing through the roof at any second.  It sounded like they were trying to pound through 4 feet of ice with sledge-hammers.  How Albertan; even in a place where there is supposed to be silence, there’s construction.

The instructor, who is French, at least 60, and in the kind of shape I could only dream of, apologizes up-and-down, and starts the class.  That’s when it hits me: there are 10 people in this room, (including the French instructor) 3 of them are men (including me) and I’m the only one in a shirt. I sweat through the thing in less time than it takes to boil and egg.  Now I’m draped in a wet blanked (essentially) for the rest of the class.  I won’t make that mistake again.

A couple “hot yoga” myths to expel;

1.  The place was NOT crawling with cute co-eds.  The most attractive person in the class was a late-20’s guy who clearly does Hot Yoga a lot.  I caught myself checking out his perfect chest at least twice.  Dude was tight.

2. The room does not smell terrible.  I’ve spent more than my share of time in men’s locker rooms, and the yoga studio smelled better than all of them.

The 90 minute class was torture.  I managed to keep up, and execute (at least partially) the majority of the poses.  The instructor was clearly experienced, as he relayed the instructions to the class in a measured  manner (even if I could only understand about 25% of his words).  After class, I drove home, drank 2 liters of water, ate enough for 3, then had a shower.  The rest of my day was energized.

Round 2 today.


3 responses to “Yoga Under Construction

  1. Just finished a 30 day challenge (I made it to 22 of those 30) and it gets better. Less torture, more discovery. Be prepared for a mental brake on about day 5. I look forward to your blog after that.

  2. Stop scaring me Ryan!

  3. you are an inspiration. In Victoria…. the legends are true. Its full of young adorable girls.

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