How’d you get your job?

I’ve been asked that question a lot, and I consider it a reminder of how lucky I’ve been to work exclusively in the radio/music industries since I was 18.  If anybody has ever asked you the same question; let it ring like an audio badge of honor.

The short answer to my own question is “I dunno; I just fell into it”, and the long answer is much too long.  So, for the purposes of this blog, I’ll give you the porridge that Goldilocks ate.

For the record: I’m not writing this story to S my own D.  (if you follow).  I’m compelled to tell this story because the other day a NAIT grad I know did something I would have never dared to do when I started in this business in 1998: turn down a job.

Now I understand things are different now.  Edmonton has gone from 6 (or so) to 16 (or so) commercial FM stations add Calgary and the rest of the mid-west to that and the growth is outrageous.  There are more jobs and more opportunity than there has ever been.  I get that.  But for me, saying “yes” was the only option – and it’s been the secret to (what some call) my success.

Lots of people want jobs in radio as a morning personality, as a creative director as a general sales manager.  The first step is to get started.  Say “yes” to something and get to work.

I’ll say that again:  the first step is to get started.  Get started at something; anything.  Be a “summer cruiser”, do overnights, volunteer to operate the board, go to shows, meet the band, offer to give somebody a ride, listen, be interested, etc. Be hungry and anxious and excited for the music business and an opportunity will come.

I got my job because a guy I know recommended me to another guy I know.  I wish it were more complex.  Then when I got the opportunity, I pretended like it was 1998 all over again, and I said “yes” to everything.


3 responses to “How’d you get your job?

  1. Short answer, my dad ran the radio station in Red Deer where I started!

  2. And I bet you were even MORE obliged to use the magic word – YES – even more!

  3. And Tindy taught you everything!

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