Fish with a NET; not a HOOK.

Prepping a top radio show is a lot like fishing.  Just like a great angler, a successful radio personality will reel in a boat load of big, juicy, relevant chunks of information to be presented on the air.   If the internet is the ocean, and you are the fisherman, how do you find  and reel in the most trophy fish for your show?  The answer is RSS (really simple syndication).

We’ve all see this logo before…

It’s the RSS Logo. You’ll find them on most websites that have any sort of ongoing or updating feed.  Entertainment blogs, newspaper sites, sports reports, gossip rags, cooking blogs, parenting communities…the list goes on, and on and on.  This is how it works.

By subscribing to a sites RSS feed, you’re collecting that news update, or tidbit of information to be sent TO you, as opposed to YOU going to get it.

You could bookmark each and every one of the sites you use regularly, visit them daily, cut and paste info to a text file and hope that the topics you’re discussing on your show match what your listeners are potentially talking about.  That’s a lot of work, and a lot of hope.  Or you could use RSS, and a few simple online tools, to have that information come to YOU!  Here’s what you need to do:

1. Sign up for a Google Reader Account:

2.  Go to your favorite blogs or sites and start subscribing to the RSS feed

3.  Download the Postrank plug in for your browser:

4.  Reap the rewards!

This is what my RSS feed for “MUSIC” Looks like:

In the red circle is a selection of feeds I subscribe to.  What you see is less than a third of the websites I’m monitoring with RSS.  No more jumping around on the internet.  The information comes to YOU.

The Numbers beside each story represent a “Postrank” score.  The higher the number (out of 10) the higher the Postrank.  A Postrank rank score is based on social engagement.  That means that the more times a story is linked to, tweeted, shared, tagged or otherwise interacted with…the higher the score.

More on Postrank.

The internet is full of information.  Too much information.  So much information that it’s impossible to find what you want, and most specifically, what MATTERS.  This is what Postrank does.

Postrank works off real results.  When you “google” something, the results are determined by many factors.  Your location, advertising dollars, etc. Postrank sorts items  by social engagement.  Users who “tag” or “share” an article they find on the internet increases its Postrank score.

You need the biggest, juiciest, most appealing bits of information for your show.  To do it: you can do it the “old fashion way” or you can use Google Reader and Postrank to do it for you.


4 responses to “Fish with a NET; not a HOOK.

    • It won’t take long before another service along the lines of Postrank pops up…and when it does…I’m alllll over it.

  1. I really need to get on the Google Reader!

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