The only good part about moving…

Moving is very undesirable.  I’m talking about the physical act of packing up all your stuff, stacking it in a truck, driving it to a new location (in my case, a location 1,500 km away) then unstacking it, carrying it into a new house, opening all the boxes, and putting your stuff away again.  I’ve never been tortured, but if somebody wanted to do a great job punishing me for something, they’d make me move…nonstop.  I think I’d choose water torture over moving.

The one bright spot to setting up in a new location is organizing my cds.  I have to admit: I dig that.  I could spend hours reviewing, reliving and refiling my discs.  Everything on the 2nd shelf is unorganized, everything on the 3rd shelf is in alphabetical order.

As soon as I’m done putting away those cds, I’m gonna drink that scotch.



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