Can a Documentary Make You Like A Band?

Rush, Motorhead and The Band are three bands I didn’t care about until about recently.  It took well made documentaries to help me see the light.  I hope they help you too.

1.  The Last Waltz.  If you haven’t seen this documentary you should feel shame. The Band are joined on stage by everybody who was anybody in North American Music at the time for their last show EVER.  Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Ronnie Hawkins and others make this a must-see.  You know what this film taught me?  Van Morrison is more than just the “Brown Eyed Girl” guy.  I had no idea.  Watch him rip it here.

2.  Beyond The Lighted Stage.  I never got Rush.  “Prog-Rock” has always been too complex for me.  I wrote them off as another over-the-hill, over-hyped, dad-band.  I was…ummm…WRONG.  Every cool guy in rock is into Rush. Respect Rush, these decent musicians do.

3.  Lemmy.  Motorhead?  Really?  OK, sure, “Ace of Spades” from time to time…but are they a band to be taken seriously?  God-Damn-Right they are.  I always knew Lemmy was cool, but until I saw “Lemmy” I had no idea just how cool he is.  At the 3:36 mark of this, Dave Ghrol drops a pretty heavy compliment.  Watch it here.

I’m looking forward to “Back and Forth” (Foo Fighters) “PJ20″ (Pearl Jam” and “Talihina Sky” (Kings of Leon) this year. What’s your favourite Musical Documentary of all time?


One response to “Can a Documentary Make You Like A Band?

  1. I’m a bit of a documentary nerd and just recently have started watching more band documentaries. They totally change your outlook on a band because it adds a personal touch. They’re genius to make them!

    I, like you, never understood the Rush thing until seeing “Behind The Lighted Stage” since seeing it, I feel shame for ever doubting how awesome they are.

    You must see “Back and Forth” I own it, and have watched it at least 50 times now. Even If you don’t like the Foo Fighters (you’d have to be crazy) Dave Grohl is just so damn bad ass and entertaining that it’s worth the watch!

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