It’s on.

I’m seeing Ryan Adams.  Monday, October 17th.  Santa Cruz, California.  Rio Theater.

The plan at this point is to fly to Oakland, rent a car (a convertible, obviously) then make the 2 hour drive down the coast to Santa Cruz.  Or, if it’s cheaper, fly to San Fransisco and drive about an hour to Santa Cruz.

The show is 6 days after the release of his new album “Ashes & Fire”, which I plan to listen to “turned to 11” while making the drive south.

Now all I have to do is find a nice hotel (read: cheap) and convince my boss I need a few days off so I can see the recording artist I love the most.

A good fried of mine, who also loves Ryan Adams, said something to me one day I will never forget.  It went something like:  sometimes I feel like Ryan is singing to me when I listen to his music.  Sometimes, I feel the same way.


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