Man Crush Alert!!!!

To celebrate the scheduled release of a new Ryan Adam’s album (Ashes & Fire October 11) I have decided to compile a playlist of my favourites.  Anything Ryan touches is solid gold to me but these are my pets:

1.  “1974” – Rock n Roll – I realize not a lot of people like this album but it holds a special place for me.  Until this CD landed on my desk as a young music director in 2003 I had never heard of Ryan Adams.  This song is the kind of ass-kicker I wish he wrote more of.

2.  “Note to Self: Don’t Die” – Rock n Roll – Since we’ve started with this record (and kicking sonic ass) why not another “rager” about celebrating mortal individuality.  As a romantic gesture, I understand Ryan gave his girlfriend at the time, Parker Posey, a writing credit.

3.  “Rosalie Come and Go” – Gold – A track from the “bonus” disc that I always enjoyed.  It’s twangy and jaunty.

4.  “Halloweenhead” – Easy Tiger – A pretty song about having ugly thoughts.  It’s sloppy yet charming.

5.  “Come Pick Me Up” – Heartbreaker – This song is so Emo.  Only you would never call a Ryan Adams song “Emo.”  You know what I mean?

6. “Magnolia Mountain” – Cold Roses – I want to believe this is a love song but after reading the lyrics it may not be the case.  It’s as soothing as watching a stream flow.

7.  “Desire” – Demolition – The harp solo on this breaks my heart: and I love every second of it.

8. “Starting To Hurt” – Demolition – I always thought this song would fit better on Rock n Roll.  I’m 100% sure this song is about sobering up.  Who can’t relate to that?

9.  “To Be Young (is to be sad, is to be high)” – Heartbreaker – This song kicks off the movie “Old School.”  Brilliance on top of Brilliance.

10.  TIE “Wonderwall” -Love Is Hell –  & “Down In A Hole” – Followed The Lights – I’m not much of a “cover song” guy but on both occasions I feel Ryan strikes the perfect balance between maintaining the original’s integrity and smoothly adding his own sonic depth.


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