Goals = Happiness

I read an interesting article over the holidays.  The gist of it was this:  people who have goals, are happy people.  Makes a lot of sense when you think about it.  If your anything like 99% of the population: you will go to bed tonight, wake tomorrow, go to work, return home, repeat.  Without a deadline, a way to measure growth of some kind, or a way of making tomorrow “mean something” – why would you care about it?  It’s scary to think of somebody who has lived many “meaningless tomorrows” in a row.

The article was brilliant in that it’s definition of a “goal” was very, very loose.  It could be as simple as: I’m going to drink only one cup of coffee tomorrow (instead of the usual four); or as big as: I’m going to run 15km, and 10 wind-sprints as part of my marathon training.

Without some defined goals in our lives, we’re merely floating in time and space: watching the world fly by, wondering why happiness isn’t coming to us .  I can tell you from personal experience, that goal setting isn’t always fun.  Sometimes you don’t reach your goals.  After the sting of defeat wears off, the realization of hard-work sinks in.  The fulfillment that comes from knowing you worked hard, even if you didn’t achieve, is more rewarding than the false warmth that comes from not trying at all.

My goal for January is to not drink any alcohol.  I’ve dubbed the month “No-Drank-U-Ary”.  December was like “Mardi Gras” everywhere I went, so I think 30 days off the sauce will do my body good.

Set a goal; be happy.


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