Rounds 181, 182, 183 and, 184

The battle is nearly over.  In six days, I  will mark the one year anniversary of my fistacuffs with climate change.  I’m excited to count the change jar and buy a new bike!  How much do you think is here?

My rides the last few days have been great.  It’s warm enough to avoid pants and gloves, but fool enough that I don’t sweat too much.  Soon the season will change, the sun will go into a slight hibernation, and we’ll be wet, cool and, wet.  Did I mention “wet”?

I don’t want to get lazy.  I don’t want to make it a year, then stop.  I want to carry on the fight.  I want to become a lifelong cyclist.  The first step is buying a better bike, so that my travel is easier and more enjoyable.  Lindsay and I are going to count the change this weekend, and I’ll post the total by Monday.

Dave: 177

Global Warming: 2

Modern Living 5


4 responses to “Rounds 181, 182, 183 and, 184

  1. why count all that dirty money yourself? do you guys have coinstar ( in vic? i love the sound it makes as it turns all those nasty coins into electronic GOLD. GOOOOLLLLDDDD!

  2. did you buy your bike yet?

  3. Coinstar you say….never heard of it. But it makes a lot of sense. My question is this: what’s in it for coinstar to sort all my change? how much does the service cost me?

  4. Just checked: no coinstar in Victoria. Thumbs down.

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