Rounds 176-179: Lookin’ for a date?

Back at it.  After three weeks off to study at Royal Roads University to start August, I’m back at work and back on the bike.  My return was more a “cannonball” off the high-dive, as opposed to a nice gradual shimmy into the shallow end (the hardest part is when your suit finally gets wet!)  I returned to work covering the 6 am shift.  That meant 3:20 am alarm clocks since Monday and one more still to go.  I’ve had to do it before so thankfully it wasn’t completely new to me.  Yesterday morning, as I approached a red light, I caught a glimpse of a scantily dressed woman on the sidewalk headed toward the same intersection.  She was dressed for a night-club not for a 4:00 am walk.  She was obviously a “working girl” and I wanted nothing to do with her.  At least in a car I can roll up the windows and stare straight ahead.  On my bike, I was literally 3 feet away from her.  I knew, I just knew she was going to say something.  I braced for the worst, she opened her mouth, “Do you have the time?”  That wasn’t so bad!  Maybe she really was a middle-aged-woman headed home in three-inch heels after a wild night on the town!  “I should give her more credit”, I thought to myself.  “It’s 4:35 am”  I said politely.  “Lookin’ for a date?”

The other shoe just dropped — from a very tall building.  “No” was all I could muster.  I really wanted to say, “yea.  I’m out trolling for ‘dates’ at 4:oo am on my pedal bike.  Jump on the handle-bars!  In fact, I’ll jump on the bars, and you pedal.  I am paying after all!”

I genuinely feel for this woman and all of those reduced to a life on the streets.    What’s scary is that at some point, with some guy, that line worked.  They haggled over price and services for a moment, came to an accord, and did “business” in an ally, or parade.

Cycling to work at 4:00 am has it’s downsides.

Dave:  177

Global Warming: 2

Modern Living: 5


4 responses to “Rounds 176-179: Lookin’ for a date?

  1. F. Yea.

  2. You’re a funny guy, Dave. Great story, great blog. Nice to hear that you care enough to make an effort to bike to work. I wish I could – I’ve contemplated it, but figure it’s pretty much suicide as I’d have to cross the Mission bridge and take Hwy 11 all the way to Abby. Maybe I’ll try the bus…

    • Thanks, Sheila! The bus is a great option. The only downside, is “waiting”. I hate waiting. I’d rather peddle, and take longer to get to my destination, than wait for a ride. I totally agree with you, riding on the highway is too crazy for me. Drivers treat cyclists (not all drivers mind you) like second-class road users.

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