Rounds 170-175

**This was all written last week**

Long time – no blog.  The good new is:  outside of one day that I had to drive to work, so I could get out to Sooke by 2 pm, I picked up another five points (modern living also gets another tally).  The score to date:

Dave:  168

Global Warming: 2

Modern Living: 5

I have to work tomorrow, holiday Monday, and plan to drive.  I’m on the radio at 6 am, and because it’s technically a holiday, no points will be awarded.  After Monday, I’m on vacation for three weeks.  Actually, “vacation” isn’t really the right word.  I’ll be attending classes at Royal Roads University as I start the journey to finish my degree.  I’ve commandeered the vehicle from Lindsay, because the thought of cycling out to Sooke for class everyday for 8 am is not exactly what I signed up for back in September.  Also, I believe the challenge, technically, was to cycle to work.  School isn’t work.  School is…school.  That said:  I’m giving serious consideration to cycling to school one day of the fourteen.  I hope that I’ll be able to connect with some other environmentally conscious people at school, and perhaps organize a group ride for one day.  Fingers crossed.  I think it would be cool to crack out of bed at 5am to be on the road at about 6am, so that everybody can shower and get ready for class on campus.  In my opinion, it would be a great team building exercise.

**Written Today**

The first day of class is over and today is day two.  After chatting with a hardcore cyclist in my class, who’s done a few triathlons in her day, I figure I can get to Royal Roads in about 45 minutes.  I can get a locker at school; so in the coming days, I’ll transport a change of clothes in advance, so all I’ll need to take on the day in question is a lunch.  I’m not sure when it’s going to happen– but it is going to happen


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