Rounds 162, 163 and 164

I had to be up super-early this morning for work.  Actually, “early” isn’t a very descriptive word for a time that’s before 5:00 am.  When your alarm goes off at 3:30 am, your not “getting up early” in my opinion, your “disrupting your sleep for some ungodly reason”  I was on the road at 4:45 am.  Generally speaking, I’m a “good cyclist” when there are other cyclist, cars, buses, pedestrians, etc around…but when I’m alone on the road at a quarter to 5 in the am by myself…I break ever single rule.  I blow through stop signs, barely pump the breaks at red lights, listen to my music in both headphones ultra-loud, never shoulder check, rarely look both ways, hop curbs, etc.  I’m a menace.

I noticed the other day that my back tire is essentially “bald” down the middle.  There is a little bit of tread on the edges of the tire, but the strip down the middle is smooth.  The front tire looks like it always has.  I wounder if you can rotate your bikes tires?  I’d consider it if I knew how to get my back tire off.  First the gears would  need to come off the frame and the second I try that, I guarantee disaster.  My year long battle with global warming is almost over and a new bike is on my horizon, so I’m gonna try to keep my investment in the “prairie bullet” as low as possible.

Stereotypes are dangerous, hurtful, and downright nasty (most of the time) but here’s another one that I see all too often on the streets of Victoria.  The “cute-girl-on-a-cruiser-bike-wearing-over-sized-sunglasses-and-gym-gear-as-she-cycles-to-or-from-yoga-class”  The thing about this particular cyclist is that (seems to me anyway) that they’re often not wearing a helmet.  I’m not sure why “cute-cruiser-yoga-cyclist-girl” think brain damage doesn’t apply to her.  Maybe it’s because she’s traveling slow, and not “pushing it” to or from anywhere.  I can see that as an argument to wear less safety gear, but the problem is your so vulnerable when your on a bike.  You can do everything right and still be seriously injured by a motorist who makes a small mistake behind the wheel, even at a snail’s pace.

Another early one tomorrow.  And I know I’ve been saying it for weeks, but a change jar update is coming tomorrow.  Problem is:  I’m in the habit of throwing all kinds of “stuff”

Dave: 160

Global Warming: 2

Modern Living: 2


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