Rounds 159, 160 and 161

I’m a pretty calm guy most of the time.  I consider myself fairly liberal and understanding of the choices of others.  While I may not agree with choices that others make, I can appreciate that this is a free country.  I often find myself trying to appreciate the freedoms exercised by others in an effort to become a better person.  I love Canada and I love freedom.  People are free to do as they like in this country (for the most part) and I appreciate that.  I couldn’t imagine a world where people are forced to practice one religion, or not free to wear the clothes they like, etc.  I say let people do as they like!!!

That said:  If I see one more motorist throw a cigarette butt out the window of a car, I might explode.

If you ever read my name in the paper (in a negative way) it’ll probably be associated with a story about a cyclist beating a motorist to within an inch of their life with a 10-speed, because they were treating the world at large like an ashtray.  Just sayin’

Dave: 157

Global Warming: 2

Modern Living: 2


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