Rounds 154, 155, 156, 157 and 158

It’s been a pretty steady “beat down” of Global Warming the last few days.  Sorry about the lack of blogging, but that’s the way it goes sometimes.  For the past 2 or 3 weeks I had noticed that the peddling was a little tougher.  Maybe it was the wind…or maybe my legs aren’t as strong…either way, it felt like the chin wasn’t turning as true as it should.  My first reaction was to squirt a little grease on the chain.  That didn’t seem to make too much (or any) difference, but I soldiered on.  It wasn’t until early in the week that I figured I’d check the pressure on my tires.  THAT was the problem.  They were pretty low, making it much more difficult (due to friction) to peddle.  A little squirt of air, and things were fixed.  I’m a pretty mechanically negligent person.  I tend to do nothing, until something breaks…then freak out!  I do a decent job of keeping on top of oil changes in my car, but the rest of it gets the “blind eye” treatment.  On my bike, I’m a little better.  Mainly because if something is wrong, you find yourself pushing harder than you should to get from A to B.  I’ve done a decent amount of work on the bike since I started the challenge, including:

-Changing the break pads

-Cleaning the gears and shifters, twice

-pumping up the tires, twice

The bigger stuff, I’ve left to the experts.  I’ve had a flat fixed, and my gear-shifter-box-thing put back into place after my run in with a street sign.  My handlebars are STILL bent from that event.  I’m excited for my new wheels in September.  I know I want thinner tires, bigger wheels, and disc breaks.  I promise a change jar update soon.

Dave: 154

Global Warming: 2

Modern Living: 2


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