Round 154…tomorrow. Today…soup stock!

I haven’t cycled to work since last week.  Busted.  I’ve been car-pooling into work with Lindsay…so the way I see it, the battle is “on hold”  Things are changing at work and that means how much and when I have to be in the building.  I’m not getting soft, or giving up…it was just a few days to get my bearings.  I’m back on the bike tomorrow:   first to work, then to slo-pitch, then home.  I’ll put on no less then 10 or 12 km for sure.

By reading David Suzuki’s Green Guide, I learned all sorts of simple, easy (and even fun and exciting) ways to do my part for the planet.  A tip I picked up on, then read about in another blog, is how to make my own vegetable stock for soup!  I love to cook, so I couldn’t wait to get started on this project.  Here’s a photo blog on how to make it happen.

Step 1 – Eat lots of fresh vegetables.  Full disclosure; there is no picture for this part, but I’m sure you get the idea.

Step 2 – Save all the extra bits and pieces of said fresh vegetables in big freezer bags.  After a month or so, if you eat as many fresh veggies as we do, you’ll have something like this:

That’s 3 extra large bags.  Enough veggie extras to make a fairly sizable pot of stock.

Step 3 – Put those goodies in a stock pot , I have one that holds about 16 or 20 liters.  I think I paid about $30 bucks for it.  A wise investment, because I use it to brine turkeys at Christmas, and use to make giant pots of chili in it too!

Step 4 – Put enough water in the pot to cover the veggies.

Honestly, you’d be surprised by how quickly even a small household can collect bags and bags of veggie bits and pieces.

Step 5 – Cover the pot and boil that mixture for several hours with the lid ON.  You want a rolling boil, not a raging boil.

WARNING:  Your house/apartment is going to smell.  I wouldn’t classify the smell as “bad” but it’s certainly not “roses” either.  After you’ve boiled the veggies down, strain them out with your pasta strainer and add the mushy left over gunk to your compost pile.  Then strain the liquid again using a finer strainer to rid yourself of all the little seeds and skins from onions, peppers, etc.  Truthfully, at this point I often add a little chicken stock to punch up the flavor.  Taste your stock as you add any extra chicken,  My advice would be to not make your stock too powerful.  You want the taste of the veggies you’re about to add to have a “front and center” presence in your soup.  Then sinply add what you want to the stock for a delicious soup!  I put in:  celery, onions, carrots, penne noodles, chicken breast, ginger, garlic, chopped red chili, and pepper.  Taste it as you go.  This is my soup just miniutes before I shoveled about 4 liters of it into my face!

Dave: 149

Global Warming: 2

Modern Living: 2


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