Round 153 FOUND MONEY!

Everybody has certain mannerisms that predispose them to specific situations.  For example:  people who speak softly are always going to be asked to repeat themselves when ordering at a drive-through.  It’s just the way it is for “soft talkers”  No doubt there is something unique about you and how you live your life that applies to the rule.  Me, I walk with my head down a lot.  I don’t “hang my head” or “mope” I just always look down when I walk.  I guess I’m just scanning the upcoming terrain for any anything of note.  I ride my bike the same way, always scanning the sidewalks, and ditches looking for…stuff.

Today, while riding home on Blanchard Street, I spotted this in the gutter just off the curb in the gutter:

Twenty big ones!  What a score.  I immediately brought that bill home and put it in the change jar.  I’ll have to take another picture soon so you can see the progress.  It’s about 1/3 full.

Dave: 149

Global Warming: 2

Modern Living: 2


7 responses to “Round 153 FOUND MONEY!

  1. That’s great.
    We recently had a “girls night” out on the town in Vancouver. Went to A Dan Mangan show (at the Vogue) and then we kind of wandered for a bit. In these travels, one of my good friends found five dollars.
    The only person I know who profits from going downtown.

    • You KNOW it. As I was picking up the cash, I felt guilty (if you can believe it) Almost as if there are other people in Victoria who could use the money more.

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  3. Consider it a payment to your ride your bike to work. You wouldn’t have found it if you were in your car!!!

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