Rounds 151 and 152

Last couple days have been better weather in Victoria. I wore a sleeve-less t-shirt on the ride in yesterday. It was chilly at first, but towards the end I was warm. Last year at this time, if my memory serves, it was close to 16 or 17 degrees at 8:00 am! Summer 2010 hasn’t been quite as good, but I guess it’s still early.

I pulled real bonehead move last night, that could have cost me my bike! Here’s the story: I haven’t cleaned the thing in months. The black, sticky, gross gunk that builds up on the gears, and chain is getting a little out of hand. Yesterday when I got home, I sprayed the bike down with my special bike part cleaning agent, and planned to hose it down after it sat outside for an hour or so. That was the plan anyway. I sprayed it down…then forgot it outside! Luckily, Lindsay noticed it, and brought it in sometime around bed time, but that little miscue could have cost me big time.

Loving the environment has gotten easier in recent years. Recycling programs for electronics, that never existed before, are out there to properly dispose of your old cell-phone, or computer, for example. Industry has taken notice too, these days it’s the exception to be offered a disposable bag at the till of the grocery store. Consumers bring their own bags into the store, take their groceries home, and repeat the cycle. What could possible go wrong? Well, This

After I read the article, I thought about it.  When was the last time I cleaned my reuseable bags?  Answer:  never.

We’ve got the plastic kind, and the fabric kind.  I’m thinking of throwing the fabric ones into the washing machine, and just spraying down the plastic ones with an environmentally friendly cleaner, and wiping them out.

Dave: 148
Global Warming: 2
Modern Living: 2


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