Rounds 135 and 136

A cycle into work on Friday, got a ride Saturday, then again on the bike Sunday.  It was fun to cycle home at 12 am Friday!  I stopped in at the Clubhouse to check in on Jeremy 2 beers later, I hop back on the prairie bullet and ride the rest of the way home.  There were a few “Rudy-Poo’s” out on the street on the way in, but that wasn’t the most interesting thing I saw.  I couldn’t believe how many “commissionaires” in bright yellow jackets there were all over Douglas street!  What was going in?  Was the Queen in town?  “Seems a little late for a parade” I thought.  Then again the old girl can do whatever the heck she wants, because technically:  The Queen is above the Prime Minister in this country!  (it’s in the small print, but it’s there!)

Turns out there was no parade, it was just the city’s way of controlling the crowds, and encouraging both bar patrons and cab companies to use the new “Taxi Stands”  Not sure if it worked or not, but if it didn’t, it wasn’t because nobody knew where the stands were.  They were practically illuminated by commissionaires wearing reflective gear.

On another subject altogether: I strongly encourage you to try different kinds of food whenever your abroad.  You never know when you’re going to eat the most delicious thing that you can ONLY get overseas.  Ready for a personal case study?  In 2001 I went to Portugal.  I can’t tel you how much it ruled.  Lisbon was beautiful, The Algarve was AMAZING, and the people were some of the most approachable and warm I’ve ever meet.  That said:  The only thing that was better was the food.  One evening I visited a traditional “Fado House” where there is fine wine, excellent food and live entertainment.  The thing is, the entertainment in every Fado house is the same: female singers doing traditional Portuguese songs that are all about the same thing! (more or less)  They’re all about men going out fishing, and never coming back.  The music is sad, the food is not.

Anyway, in Portugal at every restaurant when you sit down, your presented with fresh Portuguese buns, and the traditional “Sardine Spread”  I know what your thinking:  Sardine spread?  P-U-K-E.  That’s what I figured too, so I didn’t touch the stuff; until the last few days.  While I was waiting for a meal to arrive, I was sooooo hungry that I broke down and ate some of the fishy spread, and to my surprise, it was one of the most delicious things I’ve ever eaten.  It was salty, fishy, and savory in a way I had never tasted.  I was in love.  For the rest of my time in Portugal, I ate enough Sardine Spread to feed 10,897 stray cats.

When the vacation ended and I returned to Canada, there was no more of the yummy spread in my life.  I asked at Safeway, Thrifty’s, Save-On, you name it…no dice.  Sure, I tried the spread and knew it existed but I was so sad for not trying it on the first day.  I’ve missed the spread ever since.

Today, I walked in to the Ambrosio Deli and asked if they had any.  They did.  I bought a tin (for $1.89) and a fresh Portugese bun.  I walked downtown and ate that bun and the delicious sardine spread right out of the tin.

When I started this blog, I’m pretty sure there was a moral to the story, but it escapes me now.  I plan to hit the deli again tomorrow on my ride into work. Good thing I’m working at night…nobody will have to smell my “cat food” breath.

Dave: 132

Global Warming: 2

Modern Living: 2


4 responses to “Rounds 135 and 136

  1. How does that sandwich from the street vendor in Istanbul fare? After having to hear about it for the rest of the cruise I still regret not trying one.

  2. Fine point, Mike. That sandwich was something else: roasted chicken, shredded lettuce, mayo, french fries and a bunch of other stuff I can’t remember. Here’s the good news: you now have a good reason to visit Istanbul again!

  3. cat food breath? bwahahaha, I love it. drink lots of water.

  4. Istanbul had me at Turkish Bath haha

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