Round 134, a change jar update.

I’ve officially registered a Bike To Work Week Team! I’m excited to spread the news at out weekly “jock meeting” this morning at The Zone.  I plan to pressure as many people as possible to join “Victoria Broadcasting vs. Global Warming” .  Worst case scenario, it’s just me and Jeremy , I can handle that.  Jeremy just bought a new bike, and I’m so jealous.  My goal is to make it a full year before I reward myself with a new set of wheels.  Speaking of which, here’s a change jar update!

Keep in mind that my brother gave me $100 for my birthday, and that’s not in there.

I’m off to work, only to return later this afternoon for a nap, then back to work on the bike.  It’s a beautiful day to cycle!

Dave: 130

Global Warming: 2

Modern Living: 2


2 responses to “Round 134, a change jar update.

  1. go bro! you’re getting there to your new bike! I just dived in, had to 😛

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