Round 134…Wednesday

No work for me today, so the battle takes a few days off.  Not that I think I should get any “bonus points” or anything but I did cycle to fairfield plaza this morning to drop off some boots at “Karl the Kwick Kobbler” and pick up a extension cord, zip ties and power bar for the basement.  I’m starting University in July and have set up a corner of my basement into  a makeshift office.  In fact, it’s where I’m writing this blog.

24 hours later.

That was a short entry.  I’m back at my desk now; another day off.  I’m so much more productive when I have days off during the week.  Instead of sleeping until noon (which would have been tough, but I could have done it) I got up at 8 am to walk the dogs.  Now that I think of it, yesterday was one of my most productive days in a very long time.  After I made stops at Karl’s and the Hardware store, I stopped at my drycleaners to drop off some clothes.  When I got home, I set up my office then did something I NEVER do:  Laundry.  In fact, I did 4 or 5 loads of laundry.  This is a big deal because Lindsay usually does the laundry, not because I can’t or don’t want to, it’s just that she seems to enjoy it.  After laundry, I walked the dogs, went to the grocery store to buy ingredients for soup, then did the dishes.  The soup was almost done when Lindsay got home, then I read for a bit then went to play squash.  I’d NEVER get that much done on a typical Saturday.  I’m at work tomorrow until midnight and I’m looking forward to cycling home late at night.  I think I’ll take Quarda, just to see what’s happening on the corner of Quarda and Pandora.  That block (900 Pandora) is usually an interesting hodgepodge of economically challenged individuals.  Who knows…I might see something crazy!

Mothers day was Sunday!  This is a picture of my lady Lindsay and my mom getting pedicures in Kelowna.  I’ll never understand what it is with women and their feet:


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