Round 130

Friday was a beautiful day to ride into work.  Just crisp enough that you don’t overheat on the way in, but warm enough to be in shorts, t-shirt and my cycling jacked.  Very Nice.  Lindsay picked me up after work, because we were on a tight schedule to get to the Ferry ASAP.  We booked a weekend on Galliano Island at a beautiful cabin called Eaglesrealm The place was super-cool AND dog friendly!  We had a blast:

On the first afternoon we were there, we bumped into Chris Coldwell of Zone Band of the Month Rabbit Turns out Chris and his lovely bride-to-be were also on the island for their first visit.  It’s a small world.  Chris, Misty, Lindsay and I got talking, and after a short time the conversation turned to how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful part of the world.  Man, ain’t that the truth.  All the more reason to do the little things in your life to preserve the environment.  By the way, if you’ve got $500,000 to $4,500,00 just kicking around, there are LOTS of places for sale on Galliano.

Dave: 127

Global Warming: 2

Modern Loving: 1


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