Round 126 Earth Day!

I wrote this part yesterday, when it WAS Earth Day:

Rode into work today, felt pretty good.

I went for more physio expecting to be hooked up to the “Involuntary Ass Spasm Machine” like the day before, but it didn’t happen.  My Doctor (are physio people Doctor’s?, is there an echo in here?) worked on my back for a bit, worked on my hip, showed me some stretches, charged me $60, and sent me back to work.  I’m not saying I feel uncompensated for my investment (because my benefits cover 80%) but I am saying that I don’t feel much better today.  Hopefully if I stick with it, things will turn around.


I wrote this part today:

Jeremy and I were talking about “Green Energy” the other day.  I’m a little embarrassed to say that I don’t know much about it.  I know that it means creating energy in environmentally sustainable ways, and I know consumers like you and I can chose to have it in our homes, I just don’t know how to go about it.  Do I just call BC Hydro and say, “Hi, I’m Dave and I’d like green energy at my house, can you make that happen please. Thanks”  I get the feeling it’s slightly more complex than that.  JB and I were talking “green energy” because he read somewhere that California wants to buy energy from us here in BC, but only if it’s green.  Score!  The trouble, we dno’t have a lot of green energy.  Solution:  The BC Government is going to build some new “super-ultra-damn” somewhere in the Kootnies (I think) to make more green energy, so we can sell it to America. So green energy wasn’t a BC priority until somebody came knocking on our door asking to buy some?  THEN, we go ahead and displace thousands of species of plants and animals by artificially building a reservoir?  Doesn’t sound too smart to me.

Dave: 123

Global Warming: 2

Modern Living: 1


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