Rounds 123, 124 and 125

I cycled into work yesterday and Monday…but not today.  It’s wicked cold, windy and I have to admit, my back isn’t feeling up to it.  I’m giving myself the points for Monday and Tuesday, and Global Warming gets a point today.

I started rehab yesterday, and instead of feeling better today, I feel worse.   After an examination by my doctor (are rehab people “doctor’s”?  I assume they are) I was hooked up to a very interesting machine that uses electricity to loosen muscles.  The rehab assistant stuck 4 little sensors onto my lower back, and turned it on.  At first, it felt warm, and like a very, very mild consistent, shock.  Have you ever been electrocuted?  I’ve touched a few live wires in my day, the sensation is very, um….”foreign”  Being electocuted is an uncomfortable experience to say the least.  So anyway, at first it felt a little uncomfortable.  “Ok, so I want to turn it up a bit”, the rehab assistant says to me.  I can’t see her because I’m face down on the massage table.  “Ok” I say.

I can feel the intensity of the electability increase every time she turns up the machine.  “You want it to be a a little uncomfortable, and right now you’re at a very low setting”, she says as I wince.  It’s not pain I’m feeling, but that strange “foreign” feeling you get when something is happening to your body that is not normal.  Eventually she pushes the machine a little too far, and I start to experience involuntary spasms in my ass.  Yes, ass spasms.  I guess, more accurately they would be spasms in my gluteus maximus.

“Too much, too much TOO MUCH”  I tried to let her know, without sounding like a wussie.  She turned the machine down a bit, and left me there.  As uncomfortable as it was at first, eventually my body relaxed and I actually fell asleep.  In total, I was hooked up for about 15 minutes.  When it’s all said and done, you feel more sore than when you started.  I iced my back last night when I got home, and this morning felt worse than yesterday morning.  What?  Aren’t I suppose to be getting BETTER?  Apparently, it’s going to take a few more treatments.  I’m headed back today.  Wish me Luck.

Dave: 122

Global Warming: 2

Modern Living: 1


2 responses to “Rounds 123, 124 and 125

  1. yeesh… I don’t trust “treatments.”

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