Round 123 Still Holding…

I got out of bed this morning in pain.  The good news is, it was significantly less pain than previous days.  I feel like I’ve really “turned the corner” on the road to recovery.  I want to resume the battle with Global Warming ASAP, but I also don’t want to jump back into action, only to injure myself again.  I’m shooting for a return to the bike on Wednesday the 21st; Tuesday at the earliest.

Victoria is such a beautiful place.  Old character homes line the streets of charming neighborhoods at every turn.  I spent part of my evening near Cook Street Village, where some of the most desirable property in all of Victoria are located.  The homes are so classic, so stunning.  It would be easy to look at them, and not realize their dirty little secret.  Efficiency.  9 out of 10 of these homes (I would guess) are disgustingly inefficient.  I’m not talking about the appliances, or the wiring, I’m talking about the structure.

Let me explain: Lindsay and I live in an ancient house in James Bay, that has been modified into a duplex.  It was raised decades ago; my dad figures in the 50’s.  There is NO insulation in the basement ceiling, and I’m guessing little or none in the walls that separates us from the elements.  The house can be drafty in the fall and winter.  This causes us to do the obvious, turn up the heat.  Because we’re heated by electric units on the baseboards, or bills don’t get too crazy, even in the dead of winter.  If we had oil heat, like so many others on the island, we’d be paying handsomely to stay warm.  These old houses, while charming and inviting…are environmental nightmares.  I realize that several responsible homeowners are finding ways to preserve the charm of their homes, while making them more environmentally friendly.  I also know (because I’m living it) that so many property owners or landlords spent as little as possible on the structural integrity of their properties, focusing only on immediate needs.  If your toilet leaks, or your window gets broken, sure your landlord will take care of you, but if your house leaks heat like a sieve, that’s another story.

As I walked down Cook Street, I was as impressed as ever by the gorgeous architecture.  The neighborhood is  stunning, period.  But in the back of my mind, I couldn’t escape that nagging feeling of environmental embarrassment.

Dave: 121 (and holding)

Global Warming: 1

Modern Living: 1


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