The Battle on Hold?

It’s like in boxing, or UFC, when a guy gets hurt or cut in training.  The fight gets postponed; these things happen in the real world, too.  Here’s the story.

Last Wednesday I was out walking the dogs.  Indy, Gracey and I often hit the beach down at Dallas Road first thing in the morning to stretch our legs, get our thoughts together, and take in some of the finest views in Victoria.  Things were just like any other day until I slipped while walking on a giant log that had washed up on shore.  I went down, hard.  I landed directly on the lower left side of my back; above my hip, and to the left of my spine.  At first the pain was just “severe”  I knew things were bad, and immediately called work to say I wouldn’t be in.  By the time I got home; the walk is about 5 blocks, I was in as much pain as I could have ever imagined.  I phoned Lindsay to pick me up, and take me to emergency.

After 5 or 6 hours at the Royal Jubilee Hospital, I was sent home.  I spend the next 48 hours in bed, or on my couch watching bad movies.  If you were wondering:  Ninja Assassin is TERRIBLE.  I must have already been on the strong painkillers when I picked it out.  Yikes.

Here I am almost a week later, and my back, and leg still hurt.  Putting on my left sock hurts, sitting up in bed hurts, stepping into the car…you guessed it…hurts.  I don’t see myself back on the bike until next week at the earliest.   So until then, the battle is on hold.

Dave: 120

Global Warming: 1

Modern Living: 1


7 responses to “The Battle on Hold?

  1. point, modern living? or point DL list?

    • Too man sub-categories, JB. For now, the battle is on “pause” like when your phone (and I’m talking ‘house phone’ because this was before cell phone) rang during a game of “Mario Cart” on the N64. You hit pause.

  2. No Dave, when it’s Mario Cart you let that phone ring.

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