Rounds 121 and 122

Ironically, just a few days after I last bloged about it not looking any different, my change jar looked different today.  It looked “fuller”.  I have this feeling that on the the final day of this year long challenge, I’ll roll enough change out of that jar to buy 100% of a new bike.  Originally, I had hoped to pay for 50% at best.  I’m really proud of how disciplined I’ve been to put all my spare change in, and not take anything out.

I recently decided to go back to school.  On the surface, that decision would have nothing to do with my no-holds-barred-street-fight with Global Warming.  However; I have to write a 1 page essay on how I’ve “demonstrated achievement in the area of sustainable development.”  I know.  What the hell does that mean?  I googled it.  Turns out:

Sustainable Development: development hat “meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

Hey…that sounds like what I’m doing on my bike every day!  What luck!  I’ve been living this essay topic for months now.  The tricky part…explaining it.  Instead of working on that paper…I’m blogging.  I remember what it feels like to be a student already!

“Sustainable development” sounds like a “buzz term” to me.  The type of term 2 guys would use in halfhearted conversation standing at the bar at the Cactus Club, while starring at the waitresses.  That said:  I use terms like: “Unappreciated band” and “stay at home defenceman”  while doing the same thing.  Point is this:  the trick to understanding such a cumbersome term, and not being intimidated by it, is to think of  it in bite-size battles.  Battles like:  recycling more, driving less, growing some of my own food, composting, turning off the lights, not running the water while I brush my teeth , etc. I fear that too many of us wait for “industry” or “government” to make changes, or force changes.  We feel like we can’t make a difference on our own.  If nothing else, the little victories where you live or work, will keep you motivated, positive and feeling empowered.  Being empowered is the first step towards the changes that we need to make, before our earth is changed forever.

Pick a fight with sustainable development…even if it means just turning off the lights.  That’s a victory my friend.  Celebrate it.

Dave: 120

Global Warming: 1

Modern Living: 1


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