Round 118

When I cycled to work today, it looked like the rain was going to hold off, and I’d avoid getting wet.  So, I didn’t pack my “rain booties”  wrong move.  It’s raining pretty good now, and will guarantee some wet feet when I get home.

On a related rain note, I busted my front fender off last week.  Normally, when I turn to sharply, while peddling, I just knock the fender off.  No big deal, I pick it up and reattach it.  This time however, I knocked it off in traffic, and the vehicle behind me drove over it.  Game over.

I just can’t bare/bear?  to spend money on my bike at this point, knowing I’ll be getting a new one on September 21st.

Dave: 116

Global Warming: 1

Modern Living: 1


4 responses to “Round 118

  1. yeah rolling into summer… you’ll need the fender less and less. I almost never need my rain pant son the scooter. You can get away without new fenders would be my guess.

  2. I know you don’t want to spend ANY money on the Prairie Bullet but I did some lookin’ online and that fender replacement that I mentioned earlier is $5.25. Cheaper than a pair of coffees. This:

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