Rounds 116 and 117

A couple more victories for “Team Dave” yesterday and today.  I had to fight the rain this morning, which isn’t all bad.  The only part I hate is the “glasses part”  I wear glasses.  When I was a kid, I thought people who wore glasses were “cool”.  I was into accessories, like watches, chains and bracelets, and figured glasses were just another cool accessory.  WRONG.

Glasses suck.  Fact.  If you have glasses, you know what I mean.  My eye’s aren’t that bad, but they’re bad enough that I can’t go without glasses or contacts.  Somewhere along the line, my eyes decided (without consulting me) that contacts were not going to be their friend.  I’ve tried different brands, solutions, standing on one foot…you name it.  No go.  Contacts work for me for a maximum of 4 hours, then my eyes are itchy, and they need to come out.

I recently looked into the cost of laser eye surgery.  I *thought* prices had come down.  Well, technically, they did.  I can get the bargain basement, on-size-fits-all treatment for my eyes, at my prescription for about $2,280 and, plus taxes.  It’s kind of like buying a suit off the rack.

If I want the custom job.  Like having a suit tailored, I’m looking at about $4,500.  My first 2 cars, plus my first mountain bike combined didn’t cost that much.  That said, I have this feeling that it would be some of the best money I ever spent.  We’ll see.

The point is this:  in the rain, glasses suck even more than usual.  They get rain on them, so you can’t see so good, then the water on your faces makes it so your glasses want to slide off.  Balls.

Dave: 115

Global Warming: 1

Modern Living: 1


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