Round 115 Earth Hour!

Earth hour is this Saturday, at 8:30 pm local time.  Turn off the lights, don’t run the washing machine and shut down the computer.  Around the Sawchuk household, we’re going to light some candles, light up a “fire log” in the fireplace, and sip Gingerale.  Ok, just Lindsay is going to drink Gingerale, I’ll be having wine.  Just when I think we as a human race are “tough” I realize generations of our ancestors lived without electricity.  We are a bunch of sissies comparatively.  I bitch when we run out of coffee filters.

Dave: 113

Global Warming: 1

Modern Living: 1


2 responses to “Round 115 Earth Hour!

  1. that sounds like a fun saturday night! then Sea Cider on Sunday! fuuuuuuuun

  2. we are the sissiests. The most sissy. Good call on the fire log!

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