Round 112, My First Bike Accident!

I’d heard about so many.  Ranging from the catastrophic to what you might call a “fender bender”  In some cases, the cyclist was at fault, in others it was a lazy motorist, a careless pedestrian, or a street sign.

Your internal monologue should have just said:  “A STREET SIGN? what are you talking about, Dave”

I had my first bike accident last night, and it was with this street sign on Blanchard street:

It happened innocently enough.  I was cycling home last night at about 10:00 pm, minding my own business when BAM! out of the shadows jumps this street sign (reeking of gin) and tackles me!  O.K, that’s not what happened.

I was tired, cold, and anxious to get home.  It was 10:00 pm, and I was wearing my “office clothes” and not my cycling gear.  I just wanted to get home to bed, when I had a thought on Blanchard street:

“I’m wearing $250 jeans, riding a $200 mountain bike and if the cuff of these jeans gets caught in the gears, I’m gonna f-r-e-a-k”  In that moment, I *thought* I felt a tug on my jeans, I look down:  Nope, the jeans aren’t in the gears…thank GOD.  I look up.  FREEZE.

I’m 2 feet in front of the above street sign, traveling at no less than 25 km/h.  I have enough time to wonder how much damage the collision will do to my new phone, a Blackberry Bold that I love.  SMASH!

The impact happens.  My glasses, phone, etc. go flying.  I end up off the bike, in the access road just to the right of the sign.  The sound of the impact was so impressive, 2 pedestrians come to my aid.  “Are you OK, man?”

“YES!  Be careful where you walk, help me find my phone and glasses!” This young man, and his lady-friend, help my locate my stuff.  No scratches on the glasses, and no damage to the phone. *sigh*

“Are you sure you’re OK?”  the guy says to me.  “What are you, my MOM?!” I think to myself.  “Your bleeding”  He was very right, my left hand was covered in blood due to a significant gash on my knuckle.  It was one of those cuts that looks way worse than it is.  “I’m cool, thanks for your help”  They were gone.

As I collected myself, I realized that the gear shifter-slash-brake-trigger on my left handlebar was twisted and pointing down, and the bike was permanently locked in one of the highest gears.  Awesome.

I get home, clean myself up, and try to fix the bike.  No go.  I realize that it’s gonna need work, so I woke up early this morning to drop it off at North Park Bicycle Shop.  The damage:

She’s running better than new now.  They fixed the gear problem, and replaced a cable that I snapped in the crash.

I know what your thinking, and the answer is “yes” I was wearing my helmet.  Thank goodness.  If there is one thing I’ll take from this experience, it’s ALWAYS wear your helmet.

Dave: 110

Global Warming: 1

Modern Living: 1


4 responses to “Round 112, My First Bike Accident!

  1. Thanks for the great visual and good laugh to start out my day – sorry it was at your expense.

  2. But what about the $250 jeans?? 🙂

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