Round 108

I need your help on today’s decision.

I want to be up front with you.  I DID drive to work today.  I did NOT ride my bike, like I promised I would.   Now, before you automatically award the point to Global Warming in our year-long-battle, hear me out.

I drove because, literally, I had no other choice.  Not because I’m getting lazy, hate the rain, or slept in.

I MUST be in Sooke before 4:15 pm today for an appointment, and I’m on the air until 3:00 pm.  There’s no way I could cycle out there in less than 75 minutes, and the bus won’t make it either.  So I dropped Lindsay off at work, and drove..  I’ll need to bust out of here right at 3:01 pm, in order to fight the traffic and make it to my appointment by 4:15 pm. If you, the jury, are willing to accept this excuse, I am willing  to cycle to my 8:00 pm squash match, from home, and back, as a sign of good faith.  I await your decision.

Dave: 107

Global Warming: 1?


6 responses to “Round 108

  1. Well, you did drop Lindsay off at work, and there are times where cars are necessary in our day to day.

    I am willing to give a today a pass – no point awarded to either. Perhaps a 3rd category: Modern Living

  2. I agree with Dylan…. Modern Living – 1

  3. Global Warming

    you could have chosen a close appointment.

    Three polar bears DIED because you drove. for shame.

    • You break my heart, JB. Although I respect your opinion…it’s 2 against 1 on this occasion. Democracy says: Modern Living – 1

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