Round 105, 106 and 107


OK, not that much snow…but a little.  I was stunned when I saw 40 or so little snow “balls” on the hood of the car yesterday.  Not snowflakes, and not hail…but little snow “balls”.  Sounds like I’m trying to be funny, and a little dirty, but I’m not.  That’s the best way to describe it.  It was gone by late morning, so no worries.

Monday and Tuesday’s rides were cold.  It was like Miss Spring showed us a little leg, batted her eyes at us, flashed a smile…then just when we thought she wanted to be our girl…SMACK!  Right across the face!  Duh…it’s MARCH.

Today was a little better, not as windy, and a little sun to warm my face when I was pointed in the right direction.

I was looking at the change jar the other day (a new pic coming soon) and figure that when the year long challenge is up, I should have enough for a new bike.  Maybe not the bike I want…but a new bike none the less.  The night before the final ride, I’m going to bust open that glass vase, and count up all the change while I drink the best bottle of red wine $12 can buy.

Dave: 107

Global Warming: 1


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