Rounds 103, 103, 104

Win.  Win.  Win.  Moving on.

It’s so nice in the morning these days, I hardly need more than a t-shirt under the cycling jacket.  In less than a month or so, I’m feeling confident the gloves will go too!

I was super-busy at work yesterday (lame excuse, I know) so I missed the “No HST on Cycling” rally at the Leg.  To think the Government would allow ANY new taxes on transportation of any kind other than vehicles is beyond me.  In addition to saving the environment, cyclists are driving our workforce.  Active people work more efficiently, and miss much less work due to illness.  Government is strange sometimes.

Dave: 104

Global Warming: 1


One response to “Rounds 103, 103, 104

  1. that is retarded. the people that run our world sometimes… makes you guy huh?

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