Round 101

Thursday was my last work day last week, due to a volunteer/business trip up to Grande Prairie on Friday.  So no points awarded after Wednesday of last week.  Today however, I scored a point for the good guys! I now have a 100 point lead in the race to “bike to work every day for a year”

There are so many upsides to volunteering.  You make your community better by giving your time, which is more valuable than money in many cases.  When you volunteer you become emotionally attached to the cause, and as a result, in most cases, become a person who’ll tell friends, family, (and blog readers) about a deserving group you support.  By volunteering you also get to meet like-minded people, who will go on to be life long friends.  I meet a gentleman by the name of David Richardson 7 years ago when I started volunteering.  Ever since, David has filed my taxes for me.  He’s a charted accountant, and extracts more money out of the government on my behalf that and mall-tax-service every could!  Thanks, David!

I’ve been volunteering for the Grande Prairie and District SPCA for 7 years.  Every year, I host the “Academy Awards Dine and Dance”  We auction off items graciously donated by local businesses, eat a delicious dinner, and dance the night away.  I don’t want to get too much into it, but never forget that an animal can’t hold out it’s hand for a donation, or go door to door selling over sized novelty Kit-Kat Bars.  Animals need a voice, and deserve a voice.  Humans decided to domesticate animals hundreds of years ago, and now we are responsible for them.

If you take two things away from this blog today, they should be:

1.  If you decide to adopt or buy a pet, be it a cat, dog, rabbit or reptile, remember it’s for the length of that animal’s life.  (it’s not like a kid that you can kick out at 18…you’ve got this pet FOREVER)

2.  Have your cats and dogs spayed or neutered. Controlling the animal population is the responsible thing to do, so less animals are at rick of being neglected.

Visiting Grande Prairie is always fun.  I get to see some of my best friends, and some of the finest human beings I know.  Gracious, generous, hard-working people who would give you the shirt off their back.  Going there also reminds me to be very thankful for Victoria’s weather, clean streets, and cycle friendly environment.  The snow is melting up north, mixing with the dirt, road salt, and garbage thrown out windows by motorists.  It’s not a pretty sight.  Vehicles are caked in a thin, (or thick, depending on the last time you went to the car wash) layer of dirty muck.  I could ride a bike everyday to work in Grande Prairie, but the roads would be a challenge.  There are pot holes everywhere, and with so much heavy traffic (big rigs, large trucks, etc.) I wouldn’t have it as easy as I do here.

Dave: 101

Global Warming: 1


One response to “Round 101

  1. Dave – good to see you in the airport! I’ll be back in three weeks, we should try to get together for more than 5 minutes of catchup. LOL.

    Oh, and volunteering is awesome..


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