Round 98

Friday mornings ride was a ROUGH one.  I was up late Thursday playing poker with the boys.  Before I left home at 7, I decided I wouldn’t drink at the game.  The thing is, even if you drink only 1 or 2, when your alarm goes off at 3:30 am, you feel like you drank 10 or 12.  It’s a strange “hung over feeling” that you don’t deserve.  Things were going well, then I was offered a beer, and I drank it (I’m so weak)  An hour later, I had a second beer.  As I was driving home around 11, I already knew the next day was going to suck.  It did.

I had a numb, blunt, pounding in my head most of the morning.

Thanks to Dylan, Jeremy and Matthew for keeping a watchful eye on the score, and the details.  Awarding Global Warming a point from last week is the right thing to do.  I slipped up for a second Global Warming…and you scored a lucky one…don’t get used to it.

Dave: 97

Global Warming: 1


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