Rounds 96 and 97

An evening shift Tuesday, a day shift Wednesday, and morning shifts today and Friday.  I’m all over the place.

I DID drive to work Tuesday, only because I needed to get home in time to get to bed for work on Wednesday.  I wanted to cycle, but also wanted to be functional at work Wednesday.  I don’t want to award Global Warming a point, but I don’t want the day to blemish my record either.  What do you think?

On my ride into work this morning, at 4:45 am, I saw a gentleman on Douglas st. in front of 7-11 begging for change.  It’s good to know others are starting their day early too.

Dave: 97

Global Warming: 0


6 responses to “Rounds 96 and 97

  1. oh dave… you traded environmental responsibility for convenience. i hate to judge, but that’s a point against. sometimes the best option is far from the easiest.

    • Damn it, Matthew! Your right. As you usually are. Jeremy and Dylan, I hate you for agreeing with Matt, but respect you for your honesty. Your all right. Global Warming wins the point.

  2. yup, agree with Matt… its gotta be one for dead Polar Bears.

  3. Gonna have to agree with the crowd here. Would I have made the same choice? Yes. Does it still mean a point for global warming? Yes.

    To be fair… if it was a shut out, it wouldn’t be a very good fight would it?

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