Round 95

I was talking to a friend today about garbage.  She told me a story about being a 3-year-old, and seeing a “dump” for the first time.  Garbage piled high as mountains, smack-dab in the middle of a beautiful forest.  She asked her father “why do humans put garbage in the middle of the forest” to which he replied, “where else do you expect us to put it?”

The innocence and wonder of a child is what we need more of when it comes to solving our Climate Change problem.  We need to look at problems like a 3-year-old, and realize what we’re doing is wrong, and believe that change is possible.  Don’t look at what can’t be done, look at what NEEDS to be done, and get started.

Ok.  Enough ranting.  If you cycle to work everyday, you know that it can be tough to always be sure vehicles around you know when you’re going to turn.  Until now.

Dave: 95

Global Warning: 0


One response to “Round 95

  1. I love the story of the 3 year old.

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