Round 94

I’ll reach the “100 work day” mark one week from tomorrow, the Last work day of February.  Take THAT Global Warming.  BOOM!  Right in the kisser!

I do my best to keep this blog about the things I can control in regards to Climate Change, and not the things I can’t.  I focus on the positives, and do my best to make a difference, instead of being negative from the side-lines.  I’ve talked very little (if at all) about politics, because to cause political change takes time.  To ride my bike, is a simple decision I make every morning.  That’s not to say that political change isn’t important, and necessary to the survival of our race in the face of Climate Change…but it’s not always something we can “do” today, right now, to make a difference.

Well my friend, here’s an opportunity to make a political difference, in a hurry.  Visit this website and support the cause.  I’ll be there, will you?

Dave: 94

Global Warming: 0


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