Rounds 92 and 93

The last 4:30 am bike ride (for a week or so) was no sweat Monday, and today’s 8:50 am departure was nice.  I’m getting into the habit of leaving later and later on my bike, now that I have the travel time down to a science.

On my commute, depending on which way I go, I can bike right beside 2 businesses that are roasting coffee beans in the morning.  Niagara Grocery on Niagara street, and Discovery Coffee on Douglas, can both be roasting between 8 and 9am.  On a good day, I’ll get pleasant blasts of the nutty and bitter smell on my way in.  It’s a high-light for sure.  These are the small things that you risk missing in a car.

Dave: 92

Global Warming: 0


2 responses to “Rounds 92 and 93

  1. gawd! I love the smell of coffee!

  2. So true. It’s a different smell when it’s roasting, but equally delicious.

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