Round 88 “Changing”

I’m starting to get excited.  Soon, I’ll surpass the “100” mark.  100 rides to work.  Wow, it feels like I started this challenge just the other day.  I can’ t wait to crack triple digits!

The up sides to riding my bike to work FAR outweigh the down sides.  I know for a fact that I’m more productive at work because my mind is much sharper when I walk through the front door after my ride and  I’m not burning fossil fuels in any way, which is a big plus!  The single biggest downside is the amount of times I have to change everyday.  Take today for example:

I get out of bed, put on clothes, and walk the dogs.

I finish walking the dogs, have a shower, and change into my cycling clothes.

I cycle to work, and change into my work clothes.

I cycle to the gym at lunch to play squash, I change into my gym strip.

I finish my squash match, have a shower, and change into the cycling clothes again.

I bike back to work, and change back into my work clothes.

I finish my workday, change back into my cycling clothes, and head home.

I get home, and change into jeans and a t-shirt.

That’s a lot of changing.  Some days I feel like I spend all day changing.

Dave: 88

Global Warming: 0


6 responses to “Round 88 “Changing”

  1. I say you also score one for your laundry machine! at least a loser point for laundry, at least.

    • Here’s the sad part: the washer and dryer at my place are very old, and unquestionably inefficient with water and energy. So I save the world by riding my bike, then destroy it by using my archaic laundry facilities.

  2. i like that you have a gym strip. i think most of us retired that phrase after highschool, that’s sweet.

    • I know! I read it the other day on a website and thought: “I need to use that phrase in my blog ASAP” I had NEVER heard it before.

  3. Dave you are my hero! I would love to ride my bike to work every day….although the Quesnell Bridge is closed to pedestrians until Nov 2011, so I have no way of getting across the river at 4am.

    • Time to write your mayor, Allison. Tell him you want to destroy the Alberta economy, errr…I mean, stop Climate Change, by burning less fossil fuels, and riding your bike to work. I expect he or she, will respect your position and enact swift changes to the Quesnell Bridge construction time line. Or more likely, he or she will laugh and hang up.

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