Rounds 86 and 87

The new lights are kick-ass.  The front flashing beam is so bright, I get “flash back” off of road signs, and other reflective surfaces.  Very nice.  My only concern is it’s angled up too much, I might make a slight adjustment this weekend.

I noticed this morning that my front tire is low.  I *would* have stopped at the Esso in James Bay on my way to work, but they CHARGE to use the air compressor.  Seriously?  I have several problems with this poicy:

#1.  IT’S AIR!  Your telling me I have to pay for it?  I just don’t get it.

#2. Nobody carries change anymore.  Put an debit machine on it at least.

#3.  They “say” they give the money they charge you to charity, but why?  If these businesses were so concerned about making a charitable donation before, why did they wait to start charging at the air compressor to make it happen?  Sounds fishy to me.

Dave: 87

Global Warming: 0


4 responses to “Rounds 86 and 87

  1. compressor costs money to maintain.

  2. Dam you, Jeremy and your “facts” Good point.

  3. There is a little silver button on the right hand side of the box where you put the coins. Hit the button a few times and the compressor will start up. Its how I filled up my bike tires last week at an Esso close to my place.

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