Rounds 84 and 85

I finally had made the time to get my bike up on my work bench this weekend.  The rear brake pads were wore down to virtually nothing, and needed to be replaced, and the thick build up of “sludge” on the gears, shifters and chain needed to be addressed.  I made a trip to North Park Bicycle Shop to for the brake pads, and did the job myself.  Not too big of a job really, and after my ride in this morning, I’m confident I did it right!

I learned a valuable less on Saturday as well.  The pro’s at North Park Bicycle told me to NEVER use WD-40 to clean the working parts of my bike.  This goes against everything I was ever taught by my father growing up.  He used WD-40 to clean EVERYTHING.  If it was metal, and had grease on it, WATCH OUT! He’s be spraying WD-40 like it was Mardi Gras!  Sadly, the bike experts said my fathers logic is flawed, and the WD-40 will only attract dust and grime when it’s all said and done.  They recommended an environmentally friendly citrus cleaner that eats away at grease.  I bought it, and it worked quite well.

I also splurged and bought new lights.  A red flasher for the back, and a bright light “beam” style for the front.

When it was all said and done, I spent the $50 gift certificate Lindsay got me for Christmas, plus an extra $16.  Money well spent!

Dave: 84

Global Warming: 0


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