Rounds 82 and 83

The days have been getting longer since December 22nd, and recently I feel like I can really tell!  I no longer need to turn on my lights for the ride to work (still need them on the way home though) and even when I walk the dogs in the morning, it’s not completely dark!

The “Prairie Bullet” needs maintenance like nobody’s business, here’s  a short list of problems:

1. The rear brakes need to be adjusted, because right now, they don’t work.

2. The “face plate” on my front gears (by my right leg) came off last week, and I still haven’t put it back on.

3. All the gears on the front and back are CAKED with mud, and other road “gunk” I can’t imagine that’s helping efficiency

I’m going to do some internet research this weekend, and try my hand at the repairs myself.  Wish me luck!

Dave: 83

Global Warming: 0


3 responses to “Rounds 82 and 83

  1. Dave,

    I bought a bike to ride last week! It came with a car that follows you, complete with replacement parts on the roof – wheels, frames and 3 guys leaning out the window with water bottles that scream! maybe getting one of these accessories would help with your bike repair issues…

    • Good point, Mike. When I win the lottery, that’s the first thing I’m going to do with my money (after I eat a gold-dipped lobster)

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