Round 81 Can you imagine…

…life without a car?

If you’re lucky enough to own (or have access to) a car, it’s pretty hard to imagine life without it.  The convenience of getting from A to B, quickly, and comfortably is addictive.  Since I hardly drive my car anymore (except on the weekends, or when I have to in order to make an appointment) I’ve learned to do just fine without it.  However, it’s still there if I want to drive (and not ride) to a squash match, or if we want to take the dogs to Esquimalt. Could we go without it totally?

My girlfriend and I live in James Bay, so we’re close to a supermarket, video store, 4 or 5 coffee shops, a liquor store, drug store, pizza place, floral shop, dentist’s office, etc.  If all I had to do was bike to work, I could spend the rest of my day on foot, and life wouldn’t be much different.

Rozie, this super cool girl I work with, was raised with her sister, in a “carless” family until she was 7!  Her parents drove her to school on their bikes, and a trip to the grocery store was a bit more of an event, because they had to cart the food home afterwords.  Rozie’s folks worked from home, which was a huge bonus, but they still had 2 kids, and made it just fine without a car.

Maybe my goal after this year is up, will be to go a year without riding in a car?

Dave: 81

Global Warming: 0


4 responses to “Round 81 Can you imagine…

  1. Question: does a bus count as a car?

    Doing a year without a car is definitely possible, but modern convenience can’t be beat when you’re sick and it’s raining or heading to the airport (especially since there is no public transport to the Victoria International Airport). It’d make one hell of an interesting story and sometimes frustrating year.

    You dreaming about going without a car for a year makes me feel like Patton Oswalt feels about home birth vs hospitals. Watch:

  2. Taxi’s and Buses are fair game. I’m talking about privately owned motor-cars!

  3. My friends have a two year old and recently scrapped their cars through the scrap-it program, and bought two bikes and a child bike seat – they are doing just fine! They sometimes borrow their parents’ car, but otherwise get around by foot or on two wheels.

    There is also the Car Share Co-op to consider:

    And there is public transit to the airport – the bus drops you at the Canora bus terminal and a shuttle takes you to the airport.

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