Round 80

Mother Nature picked a fine day to rain on me like she’s never rained before.  Instead of just cycling into work this morning, I had to visit my dentist, which is in Oak Bay.  So I went from James Bay, to Oak Bay, to Quadra Village.  In the rain (sad face)  Have I mentioned before how much I like my dentist?  She’s the best.  I never feel uptight, or nervous.  Although there are chairs in my dentist’s office, I’ve never been in them.  If you show up on time, you walk right in.  I love that, because I hate waiting.  If you’re looking for a dentist, or want to ditch your current dentist, give these guys a call.

On a day where I could have used dry pavement, I had buckets dumped on me.  There’s something wrong about cycling to the dentist in the rain (on paper) A person should be carried on pillows, while a super-hot greek goddess feeds you grapes or something.

Dave: 80

Global Warming: 0


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