Rounds 77 & 78, my first crazy fan

Yesterday and today were a couple of wet ones in Victoria, but it’s much warmer than it’s been in December, so my rides have been as pleasurable as ever.

I forgot to take an updated picture of my “change jar” last night, so expect one tomorrow.  New bike, Here I Come! (hopefully in mid-September)

Sometimes (ok, a lot of the time) I wonder if anybody reads this blog, and as a resylt, gets motivated to make small (or big) changes in their life to fight the most significant danger facing the human race:  Climate Change.

I got a sign the other day that “somebody” is reading.  That somebody is on twitter: Ladrones Mentira This person is somebody known as a “denier” in the Climate Science world:  Somebody who refuses to accept the facts about real climate science, for whatever reason.  While I know some “professional; deniers” are funded by the very industries polluting the air we breathe, and water we drink, there are others who are just…well, stupid.  Hold on, “stupid” is the wrong word, “easily fooled” is a better description.  This person in particular appears to be the latter.  Exhibit A:  This  video sent to me by Ladrones Mentira.  I’m assuming he’s the “star” of this ridiculous video.

I realize Ladrones Mentira is just one person, with just 6 followers, and hardly has the influence to perpetuate his “junk science”.  Sadly, he’s not alone, and much savvier “deniers” are out there, and they have deep pockets.

2 nights ago, I walked along Dallas road with my 2 dogs, and spent some time down on the beach just smelling, and listening to the ocean in pitch dark.  The air is so alive in Victoria, you can taste life with each breath.  I hope we can keep it that way.

Dave: 78

Global Warming: 0


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